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 ELPO air purifying green wall:

A Breath of Fresh Air in Your Home


Daily Freshness

 Helps maintain air moisture levels within the healthy and comfortable 40%


As  Clean As  It Gets

 Plants and microorganisms that eat up even the tiniest pollutants in your home air

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 Presence of plants improves comfort and provides relaxation

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 An energy-saving and    sustainable humidifying option


1. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

VOCs are most commonly emitted by the building itself as well as interior finishing materials, furniture and cleaning products. They cause eye, nose and throat irritation, headaches, nausea, and in the long term can lead to cancer and organ damage, including damage to the central nervous system.

2. Particulate matter

Small dust-like particles are created outdoors from sources such as car combustion engines and tobacco smoke. They concentrate indoors and increase by the degradation of different materials, especially textiles. This can lead to respiratory problems, cancer and organ damage.

3. Formaldehyde (CH2O)

Used in the production of many materials, like textiles, resins, plastics, plywood, carpets and cars. Causes irritation, headaches and breathing problems. Chronic exposure can lead to cancer.

4. Biological pollutants

Pollen, dander, dust mites, plant and mould spores can cause allergies and aggravate asthma. Meanwhile bacteria and viruses can cause infections, like the flu, with increased frequency if ventilation is insufficient. Excessive humidity and water damaged materials increases the concentration of mould spores and dust mites.

5. Humidity (RH%)

Low levels of humidity, most often experienced in the winter months due to heating, cause dry eyes, mouth, nose and skin which can further evolve into eye and respiratory problems and eczema. 30-70% of relative humidity is recommended.

6. Tobacco smoke

If present, affects indoor inhabitants the most. Contains particulate matter and dozens of toxic chemicals and carcinogens that cause cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, including lung cancer.

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 ELPO air purifying green wall:

For a Truly

Healthy Home Environment

ELPO green wall is a science-powered plant ecosystem that cleans and moisturises indoor air. A bio-filter system that supplements HVAC* with localised air purification & humidification.

It works by bioremediation that filters and degrades indoor air pollution: dust, fine particles and nanoparticles. Elpo uses adiabatic evaporation to humidify the indoor air, with a humidifying power of up to 1l /h per 1m² of ELPO biofilter, thus helping reduce energy consumption by 75% when compared to non-living humidifiers.

*Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

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a Self-Regulating Living System:

  • Hydroponic plants that love to grow with their roots out in the air, drink lots of water and host civilisations of friendly microbes

  • Air fan adjusting to the needs of the indoor microclimate with help from smart sensors

  • Self-watering built in irrigation system, circulating the water and refilling itself

  • Self-regulated lights intensity and spectrum adjusts to the plants' needs throughout the day

  • Clay pebbles are an expanded ceramic substrate that hosts billions of air-purifying microbes who love to eat the pollution out of the air

  • Friendly microbes   are a special kind of bacteria that like to consume and degrade the tiniest pollutants from the indoor air




Single-sided ELPO in black finish